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Our vision is to be a Trust:
  • that promotes academic excellence, where exciting opportunities allow students to excel in all that they do, and leave prepared to achieve all their ambitions
  • whose academies deliver the maximum potential for progress through inspirational teaching and learning, and outstanding school to school support
  • with a leading community role, whose academies are the preferred choice for students, parents and staff

We believe in putting our children and young people first and that everything we do has that as its goal.

In our Trust everybody shall work constantly to develop a purposeful and high-quality environment, which is well ordered for work and free from unnecessary interruption.

We believe this environment is necessary to create the broad and balanced curriculum in our academies where everybody has their best chance to:

  • Achieve beyond expectations
  • Compete with the belief that they have every chance of success
  • Enable teamwork so that we can achieve more than can be done individually
  • Create a culture where we can confidently take appropriate risk
  • Be proud of ourselves, our peers, our academies and our local communities 

Our core values underpin everything we do. They are developed in each academy to meet their needs.

  • Aspiration. We are ambitious and we aim high for ourselves and for others. We believe that we can make a real difference.
  • Respect. We respect ourselves and we respect each other. We respect our diverse environment and the community.
  • Integrity. We are honest with each other and ourselves. We do the right thing for the right reasons.
  • Responsibility. We take responsibility for everything we do. We see mistakes as an opportunity to improve and get things right next time. We do this in an environment where we can take appropriate risk in the pursuit of success.