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Learner Voices: What do you think we can do to help save the planet?

Learner Voices: What do you think we can do to help save the planet?

As part of our work on sustainability and climate change, we asked our learners…

What do you think we can do to help save the planet?

EYFS: “We have to look after all the things we have, so they don’t break. We need to put all the rubbish in the bin, so we can keep things clean.” - Keyingham Prmary School

Year 1: “We could turn lights and televisions off when we are not in the room.” - Croxby Primary School

Year 2: “We need to recycle so that our planet does not suffocate.” - Penshurst Primary School


Year 3: “Don’t chop down trees! Recycle your mail and put your rubbish in the right bins! ” - Keyingham Primary School

Year 4: “We should raise awareness about deforestation so that fewer trees get cut down – we need them to survive! ” - Croxby Primary School

Year 5: “It is all about the carbon footprint; we need to reduce fossil fuels, invest in wind and solar energy, recycle and just be more thoughtful in the choices we make every day.” - Penshurst Primary School

Year 6: “It is really important to reduce our waste and recycle. We also understand it’s necessary to plant lots of trees to help reduce global warming.” - Keyingham Primary School


Year 7: “I would encourage everyone to make sure their litter is disposed of and not left littering the environment.” - Wolfreton School & Sixth Form College

Year 8: “In schools, we can reduce the amount of plastic bottles used and introduce recycling bins. Remember, reduce, reuse, recycle.” - Howden School

Year 9: "Saving the environment requires unity and commitment amongst people and planet." - Winifred Holtby Academy

Year 10: “To save the planet I think we should cut down carbon emissions and try to find a more sustainable and renewable way to generate electricity. ” - Holderness Academy & Sixth Form College

Year 11: “Use bikes and public transport instead of driving.” - Wolfreton School & Sixth Form College


Year 12: "Encourage a world effort to produce a larger quantity of food on less land, where it's likely to thrive, whilst encouraging people to shop locally." - Hessle High School & Sixth Form College

Year 13: "Learn more from the mistakes of those who have gone before us. Recycle and reuse, and dedicate our spare time to developing our own knowledge more." - Cottingham High School & Sixth Form College