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Summer Term Team Highlights

Summer Term Team Highlights

Cottingham - Creative and Inspiring Workshops

Year 9 learners at Cottingham have been lucky enough to take part in two street art workshops in the summer term. They have been experimenting with new skills: working in an outdoor space and creating large scale outcomes. These workshops have been held by Steve Dixon AKA SD Art, a local street artist. He is passionate about inspiring others and introducing them to alternative creative processes. Steve is also the creative force behind the beautiful portrait of Marlowe that now sits in pride of place at Cottingham, providing a constant reminder of the continued impact Marlowe has on both learners and staff alike.

Croxby - Celebrating Achievements

Croxby are celebrating the achievements of two members of staff who have recently completed their degrees and are progressing professionally within the school. Michelle Skerrett, Art Lead, has completed her degree in Education Studies with the Open University and QTS at Hull University. Catherine Oldale will return in September as a class teacher after achieving First Class Honours. Catherine said “It is a fantastic feeling to have finally graduated. The Croxby team have been a great support during the course and through both my placements. Both Jade Rehman and Ally Hickey were very supportive mentors and deserve recognition.” Michelle Skerrett explained she is “eager to continue our fantastic work and to take the curriculum even further. I intend to pick up on my previous work with metacognition, and I would also like to build my coaching skills with the intention of eventually being part of the curriculum, teaching and learning team.”

Holderness - Stunning Murals

Throughout the term, ex-student Emily Dodgeson has been returning to Holderness to produce a range of stunning murals in the hallways and classrooms with Dream BIG Studios. Emily joined Holderness Academy & Sixth Form College in 2000 and was a student from Year 7 to Year 13. Emily explained that Holderness was the place where she first developed aspirations towards a career as an artist, especially in Sixth Form. She created a calming and relaxing sunrise scene for the Well-being Room as it is representative of new beginnings, fresh starts and hope. The beach and ocean evokes calming thoughts of waves washing over the beach, gentle breezes in the grasses and soft sand.

Howden - Holderness

On Wednesday 13 July, Howden School held a charity event in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust in honour of Luke Stevens, a Howden learner who recently lost his battle with cancer. The “A Shining Light” event raised £6847.00 with more than 200 people in attendance. The event was kindly sponsored by Wren Kitchens and The Luke Stevens Award for Inspiration was presented to the Howden learner showing the most determination to succeed

Penshurst - Penshurst Positivity

The first week of July was Well-being Week at Penshurst. Head of School, Jo Spencer said “It has been a pleasure to see all pupils from Nursery to Year 6 being taught by different teachers and using the outside area to its full potential. Nursery yoga was a highlight! There have been a number of different activities throughout the week which the children have accessed on a rotation to ensure they participate in all events.”

Keyingham - A Smoothie Bike Ride!

Keyingham Primary School pupils thoroughly enjoyed a lunchtime of fruitful fun with our caterers, ABM and their Smoothie Bike! A selection of pupils were invited to take their pick of healthy treats to make a smoothie and were tasked with blending the mixture with the power of peddling! Children from all year groups got involved to learn about the importance of healthy eating and staying active.

Hessle - A New Home at Hessle

June saw the arrival of Hessle High School and Sixth Form College’s first two Ukrainian learners. New Year 8 learners, Mira and Miroslava were joined by their parents at the school gates. They looked immaculate in their school uniforms and delighted to be able to resume their schooling after a terrible period in their lives. Headteacher, Vince Groak said “A great deal of work has already gone into preparing for their arrival - thankfully, we have members of staff in school that can speak Ukrainian, Russian and Polish and these language skills have been invaluable in helping us to understand the needs of the children and their families so that we can get them settled into school.”

Winifred Holtby - A Fabulous Farewell

Winifred Holtby Academy said farewell to their Year 11 leavers on 24 June with a spectacular Prom held at the MKM Stadium. The grand evening was organised by Matt Anderson, Claire Smithson, Gemma Coulson and Anita Hoy who chose an “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” theme, complete with palm trees and neon lights. The night was an all-round success and it was fantastic to see how much learners loved every minute of it after all of their hard work over the last five years.

Wolfreton - Tomorrow's Global Leaders

Year 10 learners from Wolfreton got a taste of the working world as part of a visit by staff from Donaldson, who are global leaders in their industry and are also Wolfreton’s Enterprise Advisors. Learners were set a task to move a production cell from Poland to Hull and then produce a job advert for one of the roles needed to run the cell. They had to consider what factors were needed for the successful transfer such as a Project Plan, Budget/Costs, Health & Safety, Location/Transport and Staffing /Training. They then presented their plan to a board of judges. In the Autumn term the learners will visit the Donaldson's site for a tour of the premises and see how their project fitted into a real working environment.