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Croxby Way achieves results!

Croxby Way achieves results!

Things have been changing in a local primary academy. After being placed into ‘Special Measures’ by OFSTED in December 2016 with SAT results around 30% below the national average and in the bottom 10% nationally for progress, a turnaround has taken place. Croxby Primary, which is now part of ‘The Consortium Academy Trust’ (TCAT), has been on an exciting journey over recent years.

Kerry Mason, Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning says ‘Since the Trust has taken over we have overhauled the curriculum at Croxby. We introduced a ‘Croxby Way’ curriculum which focuses on the skills and knowledge Croxby children need.’

Croxby’s curriculum includes a wide variety of learning opportunities.  All children in Key Stage 2 are learning to play two musical instruments. All children receive a 10-week block of musical theatre each year and there are over 70 children representing the academy in inter school sports events. 

The new curriculum has had an impact on results as the Assistant Headteacher for Standards, Mike Copley explains, ‘The way we teach has dramatically impacted on results at the end of Key Stage 2. Since becoming an academy with TCAT, results have just been above the national average with this year’s reading and writing progress measures placing the academy in the top 18% nationally, with maths progress in the top 10% nationally.’