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Continued commitment to, and advice for, our learners

Continued commitment to, and advice for, our learners

The recent months have been a real challenge for all aspects of our lives and no more so than for the many hundreds of learners within our TCAT academies who were due to sit external examinations this summer. Our staff, learners and parents, who work so hard together as a team during the academic year and in the build up to the exams, were left shell shocked by the news that the examination series for Summer 2020 would be cancelled when the announcement was made in March.

However, since then our learners have shown remarkable resilience with the vast majority recognising that, to make their next education or career move as successful as possible, they needed to continue their commitment to learning. At the same time our school leaders and teachers have been working hard to ensure that no learner is disadvantaged for their future pathway choices and that accurate Centre Awarded Grades, based on a range of evidence and internal scrutiny, have been submitted for all students in all subjects to all exam boards. We are confident that our process was fair and robust at individual learner level and we are looking forward to celebrating the successes of our learners over the coming weeks with A Level and GCSE outcomes being available on Thursday 13 August and Thursday 20 August respectively.

In recent days, there has been a great deal of media attention on the outcomes of Centre Awarded Grades and the subsequent moderation that has been applied, both at home and in other areas of the UK. This high level of media coverage will no doubt have caused anxiety and additional pressure for families and young people as they look to the future. Please be assured that if you have any concern or need to know what to do next regarding University Entry, Autumn Exam opportunities, appeals for your grades or any other concern, your home school will be on hand to support you through this tricky time and help you make the right decision for you as an individual.

The Student Guide below will provide some guidance about what options are available to you currently and how to access them.

We remain committed to the robust nature of our process and that this will ensure that every student achieves the outcome they deserve and that best prepares them for the next stage of their learning journey.

Good luck to all.

Sarah Young, Director of Education