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Applying to join the Trust

The Consortium Academy Trust (TCAT) was created in order to provide a regional provision for like-minded schools who wish to work together under a formal partnership, for the benefit of children and young people across our region.

We believe in the importance of partnership working but recognise that this is only likely to be successful if all partners share a similar set of values and principles.

At TCAT we encapsulate these values within our Vision statement:

The Trust’s Vision is to be:

  • a Trust that promotes academic excellence, where exciting opportunities allow students to excel in all that they do and leave prepared to achieve all their ambitions
  • a Trust whose academies deliver the maximum potential for progress through inspirational teaching and learning, and outstanding school to school support
  • a Trust with a leading community role, whose academies are the preferred choice for students, parents and staff

As a Trust we understand the value of developing effective and strong relationships with all our academies, and this principle underpins our approach to growing the Trust.

Any school or academy interesting in joining the Trust will be given full consideration by the Board and although our processes may seem lengthy they are designed to ensure that both parties are able to gain a thorough understanding of the vision, aims and ambitions of all concerned.

We know that time spent in getting to know each other will pay dividends moving forward, and will help to ensure a successful partnership over many years.

Get in touch

If a school or academy is considering its future options and wishes to explore the benefits of joining TCAT then, in the first instance, please contact:

Sarah Young, Director of Education Services email