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Executive Pay and Performance Committee

  • To determine and agree with the Trust Board the framework for the remuneration of the Trust’s CEO and such other members of the executive management of the Trust as it is designated to consider
  • To determine the Trust wide pay policy and oversee the process of moderation across the Trust
  • To ensure no senior executive, director or manager is involved in any decisions as to their own remuneration
  • To prepare and submit recommendations to the Trustees for the terms of service and remuneration (including pension arrangements) of the Senior Executives
  • To monitor and evaluate the performance of the CEO
  • To approve appropriate remuneration packages for executive appointments
  • Having regard to the charitable status of the Trust and in recognition of the fact the Trust receives funding under a funding agreement with the Secretary of State for Education, to ensure the remuneration or other sums paid to a Senior Executive do not exceed an amount that is reasonable in all the circumstances
  • to review and approve the design of, and determine targets for, any performance related pay schemes operated by the Trust and approve the total annual payments made under such schemes.
  • to ensure that any termination packages including contractual terms and pension benefit entitlements do not reward failure and are fair to the individual and the Trust and comply with the obligations set out in the Academies Financial Handbook.
  • to review and note annually the remuneration trends across the Trust.
  • to oversee any major changes in employee benefits structures in the Trust.
  • to agree the policy for authorising claims for expenses from the Senior Executives.
  • to be exclusively responsible for establishing the selection criteria, selecting, appointing and setting the terms of reference for any remuneration for those who may advise the Committee. The Committee shall have full authority to commission any reports or surveys which it deems necessary to help it fulfil its obligations.