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We are committed to supporting the Government’s agenda to be carbon zero in schools by 2030. All our schools have signed up to Let’s Go Zero with some schools also working towards the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. We are pledging to work towards a more sustainable future for our young learners by acting now.

The Trust is signed up to the Let's Go Zero campaign initially for the areas of Food, Water, Travel and Grounds and all schools have a nominated sustainability lead. The Trust's Director of Operations and Compliance works with leads and student representatives to drive activities and initiatives. 

The Let's Go Zero campaign provides us with an action plan to achieve the above. 

Let’s Go Zero

Let’s Go Zero is a national campaign that brings together teachers, learners, parents and schools working to become carbon zero by 2030. This is a significant challenge, but it is recognised that this type of movement can only be positive in sustaining the planet for future generations.

Currently, there are 1853 schools signed up across the UK. To work towards being a zero-carbon school, key impact areas include:

  • Energy Use – such as installing new boilers, lights and smart meters or running ‘switch off’ campaigns with staff and learners
  • Travel – such as joining schemes and programmes to encourage cycling and walking
  • Waste – such as sorting waste or composting on-site, or helping families cut waste at home
  • Water – such as installing water butts, water-less urinals and water saving taps, or harvesting grey water
  • Procurement – such as sourcing goods or services locally, or cutting stationery use
  • Food - such as meat free days, serving food grown locally or on site, or working with learners’ families
  • School Grounds – such as planting trees locally or on-site, running biodiversity projects, or cooling through vegetation

Eco-Schools Green Flag

The Eco-Schools programme provides seven steps to inspire young people to make a positive difference in their school. Schools participate in different Eco-Schools topics and complete the seven Eco-Schools steps throughout the academic year to apply for an Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation.

The Eco-Schools Green Flag is valid for one academic year before renewal is required to remain an Eco-Schools accredited Green Flag School.

Penshurst Primary School holds the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award, and we currently have three more schools working towards achieving this.